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7 Benefits You Realize with a Comprehensive Backup and Recovery Approach

Think of a wildfire that quickly spreads as it increases in speed and power. That is what is happening today as data growth increases the volume and management complexity of storage, backup and recovery. Now think of trying to stop that fire with a garden hose. Your traditional backup and recovery process is equally under-equipped to manage and facilitate operations that need more speed, efficiency, scalability and reliability to handle today’s 24/7, always-on environment.

Here we examine the seven benefits of moving from an environment comprised of multiple point products to a comprehensive backup and recovery solution designed to serve today’s enterprise.


The exponential growth of data and related storage is putting even more pressure on IT staffs grappling with too much data to protect. Backup and recovery is becoming increasingly complex, cutting into staff time and budgets and slowing operations. Numerous data consumers are demanding faster service levels while reducing cost and complexity. It is time for a new strategy, for an approach that is robust enough to meet today’s backup and recovery challenges, and those of tomorrow.

Modern enterprise backup and recovery from Commvault® meets the needs of the seemingly unstoppable data growth by starting with a single solution, rather than point products, to unify all backup and recovery into as single comprehensive solution. By leveraging multiple data protection methods including snapshots and deduplication, along with simplifying sharing and moving data, Commvault relieves the pressure on storage resources, which improves efficiency and lowers overall costs.


Is there an IT manager today who wouldn’t want to simplify their backup, recovery and data management process? Unfortunately, that can’t happen with traditional backup and recovery systems developed and stuck in a time before virtualization or cloud. A comprehensive approach creates new efficiencies sorely needed to manage demands – and expectations – for today’s backup and recovery.

"Commvault has an admirable track record of achievement in data protection. The vendor’s strong reputation is the outcome of its many years of perpetual evolution to meet the changing/increasing requirements of end-user customers, partners, and the world as a whole."

Enterprise Strategy Group
November 20172

Some of the ways in which Commvault software reduces complexity is by eliminating manual scripting and processes; automating tasks that discover, deploy, and protect within your environment, enabling user self-service, and leveraging policy-based data protection.

And there is an additional benefit: less complexity frees you to focus more of your time and resources on your organization’s broader business goals.


Systems cobbled together over time are rife with inefficiencies, greater risks and processes that operate too slowly to accommodate a data world growing as quickly as ours. Commvault software gives you the dual benefit of a single web-based user interface from which to manage data and scale as needed, and the ability to leverage your existing investments more efficiently, reducing storage and storage management costs. You will be able to delay costly storage and network upgrades, and enable additional storage options, such as more cost-effective DAS, SAN and NAS disk tiers, tape, cloud and object-based storage to meet your needs.


Traditional point products that require a different solution for backup, recovery and archiving drive unnecessary complexity and cost. They call for increased maintenance expense, including upgrades and patches, and often require separate hardware for each solution. Plus, they result in silos of data that can eliminate opportunities for implementing deduplication and can make search tasks more complex and time consuming. Commvault software, with its unified approach, enables IT professionals to eliminate these major backup headaches and provides the flexibility to match the value of the data to the cost of storage. It achieves this by maintaining copies of your data on different storage tiers to meet different retention and recovery needs, ensuring appropriate levels of protection over time, and enhancing efficiency overall. It lets you seamlessly and automatically store some snapshots near the original data for quick, granular restore; move older backups off to less costly storage tiers, and preserve some copies as long as needed such as on tape or in the cloud.


Minimizing downtime is possible with a modern backup and recovery solution that offers optimum recovery speed. Commvault software integrates application intelligence with heterogeneous hardware snapshots, indexing, deduplication, and replication to efficiently capture, move, retain, find and recover data from any storage tier. Its application-aware, point-in-time recovery capability supports Microsoft® Exchange Server, SharePoint®, SQL Server® and Hyper-V, Oracle®, VMware®, SAP®, DB2®, Lotus Notes®, file systems and other business critical applications. Time-consuming scripting is eliminated using Commvault IntelliSnap® hardware snapshot management technology across the industry’s broadest storage array integrations. Result: you can protect and recover files, applications, and virtual servers nearly instantaneously.


"Commvault reduces complexity and inefficiency while slashing the combined time typically required to backup, archive and report by more than 50%."3

Another inevitable by-product of the data explosion is the proliferation of redundant data that has occurred, leading to excessive demands on network, storage and management resources. Simply put, traditional backup systems are not equipped to handle the current volume of data that exists. Modern backup and recovery solutions provide the granularity that is needed to understand and better protect your data, reducing the risk of loss, at the same time increasing efficiency by not wastefully moving data if it doesn’t need to be and not storing the same data twice. Source-based deduplication and application awareness are the keys. Commvault’s in-depth knowledge of applications and file systems gives you the granularity needed for optimal data movement and storage and enables consistent recovery of your data.


Commvault’s comprehensive backup and recovery solution is the answer to scalability concerns associated with rapid growth. Commvault HyperScale™ Technology enables enterprises to be more agile, resilient, and available by using a scale-out architecture to readily deliver cloud-like service in an easy-to-use solution.

Commvault not only solves your current data management challenges but also builds in technology so you are poised to meet future demands. If you and your IT staff are experiencing the stress of growing data demands and requirements, pressure to streamline backup and recovery, while watching the budget, talk to Commvault about how you can move to a more efficient and cost-conscious backup and recovery solution.

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