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Commvault Data Protection and Amazon Web Services


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The Commvault data management platform reduces complexity by integrating data management of both local and cloud storage with a single console, minimizing administrative overhead and the need for specialized appliances. With native integration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Commvault quickly and securely manages data migration from your data center to the cloud or from public or private clouds to AWS.

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Reduce the administrative and storage overhead for infrequently accessed data in the data center by tiering to more scalable, lower cost AWS cloud storage.

  • Free Up Existing Data Center Space
  • Automatically tier older/ infrequently-accessed data to the cloud, freeing up existing more expensive disk to accommodate ongoing data growth

  • Match Storage Costs to Service Levels
  • Service Providers and internal IT organizations can align storage costs to SLA profile of services/ applications with automated policy based data movement and tiering.

  • Reduce Complexity
  • Integrated data management of both local and cloud storage from a single console minimizes administrative overhead and the need for specialized gateway appliances.

  • Reduce Security Risk
  • Encrypt data in-flight and at-rest with integrated, FIPS certified Commvault encryption software.

Amazon Web Services

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IT organizations are increasingly challenged to protect, manage, and access business-critical data. Keeping pace with rapid data growth means storage teams are frequently looking at adding to their capacity requirements. Remote offices and mobile devices contain valuable data that go unprotected due to the proliferation of point solutions and not having enough staff to manage it all. Increased government regulations around data retention policies add to the burden, often requiring critical data to be kept for years or even decades. Finally, many IT shops worldwide are being forced to justify not only incremental spending, but also their existing expenses and headcount in the face of potential budget cuts.

Commvault and AWS deliver cost effective data management solutions to address these problems. Commvault software provides a single data management platform that seamlessly integrates with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Storage Service Infrequent Access (Amazon S3-IA), Amazon Snowball, and Amazon Glacier for long-term data retention. Commvault also supports Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), enabling our customers to move entire workloads into EC2 instances to quickly scale capacity as computing needs change.

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Commvault software is integrated with and supports Amazon S3. Commvault software seamlessly provides automated, policy based data movement between on-premises disk-based storage and Amazon S3, all from a centralized console. Commvault software delivers integrated alerting, reporting, tracking, and data verification of data copies in the cloud, while Amazon S3 provides highly scalable, reliable, secure cloud storage.

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Commvault software is one of the first major storage software platforms that integrated with Amazon Glacier. Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost storage service that provides secure and durable storage for long-term archiving and backup. Commvault’s built-in data tiering capabilities allow our customers and service providers to automate data movement into AWS based on user-defined policies. Leveraging a single solution to support Amazon Glacier and Amazon S3 helps provide a simple, cost effective means to provide cloud based services to meet SLA and budgetary requirements.

IT departments and Services Providers consistently seek innovative ways to store long term backups and archives in a cost-effective manner, where the data is not expected to be restored frequently, and is stored in deduplicated form to minimize long term capacity growth and TCO. With the integrated capabilities of Commvault Data Protection and Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, customers can move deduplicated secondary or tertiary copy backups and archives into durable, highly available, extremely low-cost cloud storage, often replacing onsite tape silos. This can result in significant savings by freeing up space for newer deduplicated backups on higher performing disks. Customers can effectively tier storage costs according to the SLA profile of the data/application/service, not only from on-premises storage to Amazon cloud storage, but automatically tier data from Amazon S3 to Amazon Glacier based on configurable AWS lifecycle policies as well.

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Leveraging Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier cloud infrastructures provides a scalable, durable model that typically allows for lower overall operational costs than on-premises solutions that require provisioning, power and cooling, technical refreshes and more. Customers can also reduce the need to pre-purchase large amounts of spare capacity in anticipation of future data growth, enabling customers to pay only for the services they use on AWS.

Long term data retention within Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier also lowers compliance costs associated with tape media. By retaining data in the cloud, tape infrastructure can be augmented or replaced – delivering extremely durable and cost-effective offsite archiving and disaster recovery. By using Commvault Data Protection’s content indexing prior to storage in Amazon S3 or archival in Amazon Glacier, customers can make eDiscovery requests from a centralized console independent of the physical location of data.

Based on relevant use cases, Commvault software can further lower storage related costs with integrated data deduplication, reducing the footprint of secondary backup and archive copies, before being sent over the network and stored in Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.

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The combined Commvault and AWS solution provides authentication and secure upload/download processes, helping ensure data is kept safe from unauthorized access. Users can protect data starting from the source with in-stream encryption, and then extend encryption to data “at-rest” in the cloud. Commvault software supports a variety of FIPS certified encryption algorithms including Blowfish, AES, and 3-DES, to allow organizations to configure the right data encryption approach to meet their security requirements.

This integrated data management solution allows customers to fully leverage the economics of cloud-based storage. Commvault software manages alerting, reporting, tracking, and data verification as if AWS infrastructure were located within an organization’s on-premises data center. This seamless approach eliminates the need for gateway hardware appliances or scripting – reducing the cost and complexity of cloud storage integration.

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